East Lane Theatre, Vale Farm, Watford Road, Sudbury, Middlesex, HA0 3HG         Registered Charity Number 1183134


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General Notes on Auditioning for East Lane Theatre Club

East Lane is an amateur club. No payments are made for performing.

If this is your first time at East Lane, please also bring with you details of your past experience, a photo with your Full name, address, phone number and email so we can contact you later.

Auditions are as friendly and informal as possible, you will be asked to read from the provided

audition pieces, either singly or in groups, as well as moving around our stage.

There is no need to learn the pieces provided, and we do not ask for any learnt pieces to be performed.

We do ask that if cast you can make all the rehearsal & performance dates, although it is sometimes possible to accommodate pre arranged holidays. Please bring with you dates you cannot make.

To perform in a production you must be a Full paid up Member, and pay the casting fee £20 on the first rehearsal (which covers your script, tea & coffee etc)

We usually rehearse for 9 weeks, Monday  &  Thursday from 19.30 to 22.00

Productions weeks are:

Mon: Tech

Tuesday: Dress

Thur-Sat production

Thur-Sat Production

Sunday Matinee


Sunday 15th August 7-9 pm

Sunday 29th August 3-5pm and 7-9pm

You will be able to cast for one or both plays, neither are long and are ideal introduction to being on stage.

See the general notes below regarding auditioning at East Lane Theatre Club, and please call the director if you have any queries or would like more information

Both glorious send ups of their respective genres.

Prodution dates are

25th, 26th,27th,28th (matinee) November

2nd,3rd,4th December

Rehearsals will start on Monday 20th September

Directed by Danny Popkin 07802775036 or email danie1.popkin@ntlworld.com

The Art of Coarse Acting is a 1964 humorous book on amateur theatre by British journalist Michael Green

Green describes a coarse actor as:

One who can remember his lines, but not the order in which they come. An amateur. One who performs in Church Halls. Often the scenery will fall down. Sometimes the Church Hall may fall down. Invariably his tights will fall down. He will usually be playing three parts – Messenger, 2nd Clown, an Attendant Lord. His aim is to upstage the rest of the cast. His hope is to be dead by Act II so that he can spend the rest of his time in the bar. His problems? Everyone else connected with the production.

We will be producing two plays as follows:

Pride at Sothanger Park by Rupert Bean

Cast and ages:

Cecily Chichester, an orphan, 20-30s

Lady Fanny Bottomley, Cecily’s Aunt; 50+

Reverend Giles Henry; 50s +

Gladys, the maid; Any age

Sir Thomas Bottomley, Cecily’s uncle; 50+

William Squires, a suitor; 30+

Mrs Squires, William’s mother, 50+

Marcus D’Angelo, another suitor; 20+

Front of House Manager; any age M or F

Cinderella by Michael Green

Cast and ages:

Cinderella, a young girl, 20-30s

Sammy, a cat;  F but needs to be agile

Cystitis; Cinderella’s ugly sister; M any age

Hernia; Cinderella’s other ugly sister; M any age

Buttons, a cheerful young man

A Young Trumpeter

Prince Charming, a young prince; F 40+

Good Fairy; F any age

Prompter;  F any age