East Lane Theatre, Vale Farm, Watford Road, Sudbury, Middlesex, HA0 3HG


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General Notes on Auditioning for East Lane Theatre Club

East Lane is an amateur club. No payments are made for performing.

If this is your first time at East Lane, please also bring with you details of your past experience, a photo with your Full name, address, phone number and email so we can contact you later.

Auditions are as friendly and informal as possible, you will be asked to read from the provided

audition pieces, either singly or in groups, as well as moving around our stage.

There is no need to learn the pieces provided, and we do not ask for any learnt pieces to be performed.

We do ask that if cast you can make all the rehearsal & performance dates, although it is sometimes possible to accommodate pre arranged holidays. Please bring with you dates you cannot make.

To perform in a production you must be a Full paid up Member, and pay the casting fee £20 on the first rehearsal (which covers your script, tea & coffee etc)

We usually rehearse for 9 weeks, Monday  &  Thursday from 19.30 to 22.00

Productions weeks are:

Mon: Tech

Tuesday: Dress

Thur-Sat production

Thur-Sat Production

Sunday Matinee

FONDLY REMEMBERED by Gareth Armstrong

READING:  Sunday 7th April at 7pm

1st AUDITION:  Friday 12th April at 7.30pm

2nd AUDITION:  Sunday 28th April at 7pm

REHEARSALS:  Tuesday 28th May and Thursday 30th May in the first week;

thereafter Mondays and Thursdays as usual

PRODUCTION:  25th, 26th, 27th July and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th August

Is a man’s Memorial Service the right time to tell the (real) truth about his life?

Four friends reunite for the occasion…

The five characters – info. below – are those friends, all of whom are over pensionable age, and the Reverend who is set to officiate – he can be any age between mid-30s and theirs:

Donald Sowerby – moderately successful but not fulfilling his early promise; private and social lives complicated by drink and his acerbic personality, which can also make him amusing company.

Cressida Brent - a single woman for whom work and an unrequited love have dominated her life; born organiser whose bossiness cannot disguise an emotional and sometimes sentimental personality.

Barry Dumont - an easygoing gay man who has never let career or ambition get in the way of enjoying himself; astute about himself and other people and not beyond taking emotional risks in his later life.

Zoe Seymour – a woman not ashamed of her past, and with no plans not to make the most of her present and future; has no intellectual pretension; prone to verbal howlers which make her a lively and engaging person.

Rev. Thomas Haldane - former City stockbroker, now vicar of a depressed East End church; urbane and gentle but sometimes frustrated by his work; intrigued by his contact with a different set of people who bring out his diplomatic and conciliatory skills.


Laurence Conway  (laurenceconway@btinternet.com, 020 8907 9931)